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Butterfly in Flight Jeweled Image Plaque

Angel's Touch

When angels touch me they create harmony, unconditional love and perfect peace within.

God Particle

God Particle

Within each of us is the Divine Spark, awaiting the moment of birth, to take us out of illusion and into Divine Consciousness.

Bal Three fold flame

The Balanced Three Fold Flame

When I am balanced in Love, Power and Wisdom, the three attributes of this Flame within my heart, my consciousnes will be in Divine Love.

Transmutting Violet Flame

Transmuting Violet Flame

The new Violet Flame, in full power, transmutes all darker energies from New Earth and shields it completely.

Transmutting Violet Flame

Code Keepers

As I revere and cherish the complexity of all things, I witness the Keepers of the Codes guarding the Sacred Geometries of all life.

Divine Union Plaque

Divine Union

When my feminine and masculine energies within me are blended and balanced, I will experience the Divine Union within myself.

Higher heart

Higher Heart

This High Heart controls the quality of Unconditional Love and raises my consciousness to form a relationship to my Higher Self.

healing template

Healing Template

The Angel brings the energy, codes and colors to experience healing and perfect health.